3D NAND Flash Memory

3D NAND - Die with M2 SSD

On 3/26/2015, Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. posted a press release touting their new 3D NAND Flash Memory.

In short, what this means is that they have created a new way to create higher density solid state memory… 3D Memory! They boast that this increases capacity by 3x and that boost of capacity comes along with a “significant cost savings, low power usage and high performance.”


  • New technology that uses floating gate cells – 3x capacity than other production methods
  • Enambles the creation of smaller form factor devices with large storage – 2.5″ SSDs with greater than 10TB
  • New processes and techniques that will extend Moore’s Law for flash storage
  • Expected to increase both performance and endurance of the storage

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If you haven’t heard yet, H&K just released their new VP9 striker fired pistol.
You may not be, but I’m excited about it. They note that they spend a lot of time focusing on the trigger, and that is one thing I HATE about most striker fired guns. It’s also fully ambidextrous, another nice to have feature. Check out H&K’s promo video below.

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Remington Recall (Model 700, Model Seven)

Do you own a Remington Model 700 or Model Seven? If so, there has been a safety recall for issues with the X-Mark PRO (XMP) triggers manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014.
The description of the issue is, the “… triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge.” They say this is due to excess bonding agent used to assemble the triggers. You can read the full recall notice, here.
If you want to check if your model is effected by the recall, you can enter the serial number on the recall website, http://xmprecall.remington.com/.
This recall applies to all Model 700 and Model Seven rifles as the XMP trigger is “standard equipment.”
If you have a rifle that is effected by the recall, Remington will send you shipping materials, to send back your rifle, and Remington will cover all costs for shipping, inspection, and repairs.
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Bundy vs BLM

If you are not aware, there has been a lot of action in the news over the past week or so in Nevada. If you don’t know, what I’m referring to is the dispute between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
The basics of the story go like this, The Bundy family has been grazing cattle on the land now owned by the BLM since the late 1800s. After the BLM was formed and they began charging for grazing rights, Bundy refused to pay. Also the BLM revoked his grazing rights because of a federally protected tortoise on the land. He continued to graze his cattle and was taken to court. The Bundy’s lost their case and the BLM says that he owes them over $1 million in back grazing fees for the past 20 years (Bundy says it’s much less than that). A judge recently gave permission to the BLM to round up and remove the cattle. This roundup is what started the standoff… When the Bundy family began to protest the situation, there are stories about them being met with excessive force, including attack dogs, snipers and heavily armed BLM Rangers. Oh and we can’t forget, “Free Speech Zone’s”. When news of the force spread around the internet, many militia groups and other activists sprung to action and headed to Nevada. In the end, the BLM decided the risk of danger was too high and pulled back. The BLM states they will attempt to “resolve the matter administratively and judicially”.
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SHOT Show 2014 Wrap-Up


I was able to attend SHOT Show for the first time this year. I attended to help my friends at SWORD International with the release of their .338 Lapua AR platform rifle (the MK-18). It’s a really sweet rifle, you should definitely check them out.
The show was amazing, even though I didn’t get to spend too much time out and about around the various floors of the show, I met so many amazing people and saw some really amazing products.
Craig Sawyer spent a bit of time in the booth, it was really awesome getting to hang out and meet him. He is a really stand-up dude, you should check out all the things he is up to, there is some rather interesting stuff! You may know Craig from shows like Top Shot and Rhino Wars.
On top of meeting Craig, I managed to meet a few YouTube stars and some shooting greats; Jerry and Lena Miculek, Ryan from Funker Tactical, as well as having to opportunity to spend a fair amount of time talking with Jimmie Sloan, the inventor of the .338 Normal Magnum. There were, honestly, too many amazing people that I was able to meet to list them all, including numerous prior and current military personnel.
SHOT Show was an amazing time. If you have the opportunity, it’s well worth the trip. You will get to see many amazing things, and meet some amazing people.